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Transform insights into action with security analytics

SecurityScorecard protects public sector attack surfaces and supply chains from rapidly evolving cyber threats.

Comprehensive technology to keep you ahead of dynamic cyber risks

With over ten years of historical data and the largest proprietary risk intelligence dataset, SecurityScorecard provides unparalleled insights to protect your attack surfaces. SecurityScorecard collects and transforms 99% of its data for unmatched speed and accuracy. AI powers recommendations and workflows, empowering public servants of all technical levels to make effective security decisions.

Key Components

  • Automated attack surface discovery

    See what an attacker sees

    SecurityScorecard scans the entire IPv4 web space, over 3.9 billion IP addresses across 1,500+ ports, every 10 days. This extensive data collection provides unmatched visibility into 11 million rated companies on the platform.

  • AI-powered processing

    Turn insights into action

    Highly Evolved Intelligent Defense (HEID) AI leverages dynamic machine learning to compute cyber risk from real-world threats and vulnerabilities. HEID AI automates threat detection and aids proactive risk mitigation, enhancing your overall cybersecurity posture.

  • Accurate breach prediction

    Improve your rating to be more resilient

    SecurityScorecard’s A through F security ratings intuitively measure an organization’s security posture and are the most predictive in the industry. Over 70,000 organizations worldwide use these ratings to prioritize security investments and prevent cyber incidents.