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Safeguard against national cyber threats

FedRAMP Ready: Empowering governments to measure and resolve cyber risk

Addressing National
Cybersecurity Challenges

  • Challenge: Incomplete view of risk

    Poor visibility into the independent yet highly connected systems that society relies on

    Solution: Continuous monitoring

    Real-time security posture data of any private or public entity delivered at scale

  • Challenge: Inadequate resources

    Organizations lack the time, budget and personnel to inspect, measure, or respond to all security risks

    Solution: Data-driven workflows

    Artificial intelligence prioritizes areas of focus, powers automation, and drives action resulting in risk resolution

  • Challenge: Limited enforcement options

    Authority to uniformly enact timely security standards does not exist, is constrained, and can be challenged

    Solution: Common security standard

    Intuitive and transparent security metrics increasecreate risk awareness and reward cyber resilience

How We Work with
Federal Governments

  • Protect critical infrastructure

    Develop a security strategy with continuous monitoring of interconnected entities, critical sector assessments, and asset vulnerability identification. SecurityScorecard offers an integrated view of national, regional, and sectoral risk.

  • Modernize regulatory agencies

    SecurityScorecard’s ratings allow agencies and regulators to take a risk-based approach to their oversight, pinpointing weakest links and major threats. Daily scans of the entire internet provide federal, state, and local agencies with dynamic views of regulated entities.

  • Create resilient supply chains

    Mitigate vendor risk and protect vital systems and data from threat actors exploiting vulnerabilities. Automated, scalable workflows help governments enhance third-party risk management and compliance operations throughout their supply chain and vendor ecosystem.

Hear from our Public Sector Customers

  • “As cyber threats against critical infrastructure continue to escalate, fulfilling TSA's security mission requires new and innovative capabilities to stay ahead of our adversaries. This capability offers another resource that allows us to strengthen our security partnerships and represents a major step forward in our overall strategy to secure our nation's critical infrastructure.”

    Sonya Proctor Assistant Administrator of the Surface Operations Office of the TSA
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  • “Our partnership with SecurityScorecard provides us with authoritative and trusted data on critical infrastructure and insight to manage such risk at scale. This will help the Cyber Centre ensure we can provide tailored support to critical infrastructure owner-operators vital to the security of the Canadian economy.”

    Sami Khoury Head of the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security
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