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Secure the public sector supply chain

Illuminate risk within your supply chain and prevent third-party security breaches while keeping data, infrastructure, and the public safe

Instantly understand the cyber risk of any supplier

Ninety-eight percent of organizations have had at least one supplier breach in the last two years. With the global attack surface growing, security teams need full supply chain visibility. Use Leverage SecurityScorecard to automate risk management, uncover vulnerabilities, and collaborate for a secure supply chain.


Scale and mature your supply chain risk management program

  • Augment supplier onboarding

    Transform cyber risk assessments from afterthoughts to essential components of supplier evaluations

  • Quickly remediate critical issues

    Continuously look for active threats or exploited vulnerabilities to prevent breaches stemming from third-parties

  • Save time and resources

    Leverage technology and expertise as a service to minimize supply chain risk and gain tangible business outcomes

Critical Capabilities

  • Non-intrusive scanning

    Gain a full picture of any entity’s security posture to assess risk

  • AI-powered workflows

    Prioritize areas of focus, enable automation, and drive action with predictive incident data

  • Continuous risk monitoring

    Stay informed of new issues and emerging threats with real-time data

  • Common risk management platform

    Invite suppliers to review findings and collaborate on risk resolution

Hear from our Customers

  • “To improve our cybersecurity resilience, we needed better visibility into who and what connects to our systems. SecurityScorecard not only helps identify the third parties, but provides an easy-to-understand baseline of their security posture.”

    Alain C. Bouit CISO, University of Denver
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