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Strengthen national cyber resilience

Develop a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy to protect national resources and continuously monitor cyber risks

Create a comprehensive strategy for nationwide risk monitoring

Securing national critical infrastructure assets is challenging due to the reliance on static security assessments and the ever-evolving nature of threats. These challenges highlight the growing need for a more adaptable and comprehensive approach. SecurityScorecard provides a common operating solution that enables government leaders to see national, regional, and sectoral risk in an integrated view.



Protect public assets, infrastructure, and trust

  • Reduce operational risk

    Gain whole-of-nation visibility for improved situational awareness and correlation of risk at different levels


  • Drive operational insights

    Reduce impact to government infrastructure, protect digital assets, and boost cyber defense capabilities


  • Build trust as a regulator

    Effectively measure risk while implementing and quantifying the impact of cyber policies


Critical Capabilities

  • Non-intrusive scanning

    Gain a full picture of any entity’s security posture to assess risk


  • AI-powered workflows

    Prioritize areas of focus, enable automation, and drive action with predictive incident data


  • Continuous risk monitoring

    Stay informed of new issues and emerging threats with real-time data


  • Common risk management platform

    Invite suppliers to review findings and collaborate on risk resolution


Hear from our Customers

  • “Our partnership with SecurityScorecard provides us with authoritative and trusted data on critical infrastructure and insight to manage such risk at scale. This will help the Cyber Centre ensure we can provide tailored support to critical infrastructure owner-operators vital to the security of the Canadian economy.”

    Sami Khoury Head of the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security
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