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Protect sensitive student data in educational institutions

Ensure uninterrupted learning with a StateRAMP Pending solution. Enhance your cybersecurity resilience by eliminating vulnerabilities and fortifying your attack surface.

Addressing the Educational System’s
Cybersecurity Challenges

  • Challenge: Fragmented security practices

    Systems with multiple institutions result in duplicate security efforts and inconsistent performance

    Solution: Common security standard

    Shared platform to measure cyber risk, engage with partners, and drive risk resolution

  • Challenge: Justifying cyber investments

    Spending that is not going directly to student learning is deprioritized

    Solution: Risk scoring and quantification

    Metrics to benchmark against other institutions and determine security ROI

  • Challenge: Expanded attack surfaces

    Collaborative learning environments propagate access to networks and sharing of sensitive data

    Solution: Continuous monitoring

    Real-time risk profile data of internal education assets and external partners and suppliers

How We Work with Schools
and Universities

  • Monitor system-wide attack surface

    Identify vulnerabilities in your educational systems to prevent incidents. SecurityScorecard evaluates network security and assesses the impact of systems, applications, third parties, and vulnerabilities on external security postures.

  • Prevent third-party breaches

    Reduce vendor risk to safeguard systems and data from threat actors exploiting vulnerabilities. Automated workflows help educational systems enhance third-party risk management across their supply chain.

Hear from our Education Customers

  • “To improve our cybersecurity resilience, we needed better visibility into who and what connects to our systems. SecurityScorecard not only helps identify the third parties, but provides an easy-to-understand baseline of their security posture.”

    Alain C. Bouit CISO, University of Denver
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