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Fortify public sector security with threat intelligence

Uncover external vulnerabilities and the adversaries exploiting them to increase the resilience of the public sector attack surface

Identify, analyze, and mitigate cyber threats

Public sector cyber attacks erode trust and confidence in the government’s ability to protect national interests. A proactive approach is crucial to thwart cyber threats and safeguard sensitive information and infrastructure. With over a decade of data and the largest threat intelligence dataset, only SecurityScorecard offers the telemetry needed to protect all assets.


Real time Intelligence delivers actionable insights

  • Improve threat visibility

    See the latest cyber threats including tactics, techniques, and procedures to build stronger defenses


  • Reduce operational risk

    Identify early warning signs and act quickly to mitigate the impact of disruptions from cyber attacks


  • Streamline workflows

    Gain efficiencies by directly integrating threat intelligence data into existing security solutions


Critical Capabilities

  • Scalable sinkhole network and attribution system

    Information on 150+ malware families and indicators of compromise is collected and analyzed daily


  • Rapid refresh of massive global dataset

    100% of IPs and domains are scanned every 7 days across more than 1,500 ports globally


  • AI-driven reconnaissance of threat actors

    Leverage intelligence gathered from over 200 sources across the dark web and keep a close eye on critical assets


  • Actionable insights that prevent breaches

    Maximize efficiency with product and CVE risk and impact scores to guide your defense against the biggest hazards in your environment


Hear from our Customers

  • “SecurityScorecard’s threat intelligence showed more reliable attribution correlations than any other provider.”

    Cybersecurity Analyst Global Services and Technology Company
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