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Protect and secure critical infrastructure

Proactively secure the digital assets and supply chains of entities that make up the critical infrastructure sector. Create and maintain resilient critical infrastructure by prioritizing security investments and strengthening the cybersecurity of every attack surface.

Addressing Critical Infrastructure
Cybersecurity Challenges

  • Challenge: Highly targeted assets

    Infrastructure is a prime target for cyber attacks from nation-states, criminals, and hacktivists

    Solution: Real-time threat intelligence

    Identify breach warning signs and act quickly to mitigate the impact of disruptions from cyber attacks

  • Challenge: Expanded attack surfaces

    Reliance on complex supply chains introduces additional entry points to critical systems

    Solution: Continuous monitoring 

    Real-time external cyber exposure assessments of suppliers, vendors, and partners

  • Challenge: Limited resources

    Organizations lack the time, budget and personnel to inspect, measure, or respond to all security risks

    Solution: Data-driven workflows

    Artificial intelligence prioritizes areas of focus, powers automation, and drives action resulting in risk resolution

How We Work with
Critical Infrastructure Providers

  • Monitor organizational attack surfaces

    Identify threats to your network and assets proactively to resolve vulnerabilities. SecurityScorecard assesses network security, analyzing systems, applications, third parties, and vulnerabilities affecting external security.

  • Create resilient supply chains

    Mitigate vendor risk to protect critical systems and data from threat actors exploiting vulnerabilities. Automated workflows help governments enhance third-party risk management and compliance across their supply chain.

Hear from our
International Government Customers

  • "I'm presenting this data to the board to tell a story about how we have reduced risk, how we have efficiently used that investment for our cybersecurity mitigation measures, and so I’m able to use the data as data points to showcase risk reduction.”

    Brian Harold VP & Chief Information Security Officer, Avangrid
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