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Safeguard against cyber threats

Protect the complex landscape of your expansive attack surface. Eliminate threats experienced by businesses, non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, and critical infrastructure.

Addressing Government’s
Cybersecurity Challenges

  • Challenge: Fragmented security practices

    Organizations with multiple entities result in duplicate security efforts and inconsistent performance

    Solution: Common security standard

    Shared platform to measure cyber risk, engage with partners, and drive risk resolution

  • Challenge: Justifying cyber investments

    Spending that is not directly tied to revenue producing initiatives is often deprioritized

    Solution: Risk scoring and quantification

    Metrics to benchmark against other institutions and measure security ROI

  • Challenge: Expanded attack surfaces

    Expansive network of organizations, entities, and critical infrastructure propagates access to networks and sharing of sensitive data

    Solution: Continuous monitoring

    Real-time security posture data of any public or private entity delivered at scale

How We Work with
International Governments

  • Protect critical infrastructure

    Create a security strategy with continuous monitoring of interconnected entities, critical sector assessments, and asset vulnerability identification. SecurityScorecard offers an integrated view of national, regional, and sectoral risk.

  • Modernize regulatory regimes

    SecurityScorecard’s ratings enable agencies and regulators to adopt a risk-based oversight, targeting weak links and the biggest threats. Daily scans of the entire internet provide federal, state, and local agencies with dynamic, organization-level views of regulated entities.

  • Create resilient supply chains

    Reduce vendor risk to safeguard critical systems and data from threat actors exploiting vulnerabilities. Automated, scalable workflows help governments enhance third-party risk management and compliance across their supply chain.

Hear from our International Government Customers

  • “When we started using SecurityScorecard, it was like removing a bandage from our eyes where we could see what we only could guess before. After a few months working on what was observed, the only thought that came to our minds was “Why did we not have this before?”

    Alejandro Bustos Senior Information Security Administrator, United Nations International Computing Centre
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