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Eliminate threats from the state and local supply chain

StateRAMP Authorized: Standardized letter-grades for cybersecurity reporting

Addressing State and Local
Cybersecurity Challenges

  • Challenge: Expanded attack surface

    Diverse vendor ecosystems increase access to networks and the sharing of sensitive data

    Solution: Continuous monitoring 

    Real-time risk profile data of internal government assets and external partners and suppliers

  • Challenge: Limited resources

    Organizations lack the time, budget and personnel to inspect, measure, or respond to all security risks

    Solution: Data-driven workflows

    Artificial intelligence prioritizes areas of focus, powers automation, and drives action resulting in risk resolution

  • Challenge: Insufficient security expertise

    Assessing cybersecurity performance is challenging for non-technical public servants

    Solution: Common security standard

    Intuitive and transparent security metrics increase risk awareness and reward cyber resilience

How We Work with State
and Local Governments

  • Monitor system-wide attack surface

    See what threat actors see in your government infrastructure to preempt incidents. SecurityScorecard evaluates network security and assesses the impact of systems, applications, third parties, and vulnerabilities on external security postures.

  • Prevent third-party breaches

    Protect critical systems and data by mitigating vendor risk. Automated, scalable, and integrated workflows help government agencies enhance third-party risk management across their supply chain.

Hear from our State and Local Customers

  • “By adding SecurityScorecard’s technology to our existing cybersecurity resources, we are ensuring that our members have the best tools available for continuing to protect the financial system from cyberattacks.”

    Mary Beth Quist Senior Vice President, Bank Supervision, CSBS
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  • “Working with SecurityScorecard will enable us to improve the overall health of county networks and provide immediate access to information about cyber threats and risks, not only for county networks but also for third-party partners.”

    Rita Reynolds CIO of the National Association of Counties
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