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Bailey Allread

Director of Global Operations

Bailey Allread is the Director of Global Operations at SecurityScorecard and is responsible for making sure all cross-functional operations run smoothly and efficiently. Mrs. Allread has years of experience in people and business operations, as well as a background in commercial litigation and legal procedures.

Bailey joined us during our M&A with LIFARS, prior to which she owned the internal operations for a growing software company in Denver, Colorado, where she developed strategic training initiatives and built roadmaps for ongoing talent acquisition. She was also one of the first recruiters on a brand-new Talent team at Publicis Media, where she led candidates through her fresh and redesigned hiring process. Her two years as a litigation paralegal gave her the foundation for a career in executive management and employee relations.

Bailey brings enthusiasm and passion to everything she does, and is off to a great start as she dives into the world of Cybersecurity.